October 20, 2020

How to Install any Mod Apps/Games and Extract OBB File ✅

How to install any Mod Apps/Games APK and OBB

Android Games are Two Types - First Type - Some android games are only one APK, Second Type - Some Android games are APK and OBB files. For the First Type, you need to read the first four-step. For the Second Type, you need to read all step
The First Step - If you are installing the first time any Mod APK in your device, Make sure you will need to Enable Unknown source from your device settings.
Second Step - If you already installed this game on your device, you can connect the game with your Facebook (because - Your game progress will be saved for online games) and Uninstall the game.
Third Step - After Uninstall the Play Store version game, Download the Mod APK from here. Open your device file manager go to the download folder. You will see the Mod APK, or you can open your browser go to the download file location, you will see the Mod APK. Just touch on it and install this Mod APK after installation complete open the game.
Fourth Step - If you will see any permissions required, you need read carefully and grant the permissions - or open your device settings, open app management/manager, search the game, touch on the game, and you can see permissions option touch on it - Carefully read and grant permissions. Remember this - If you, not grant/enable any permissions the game may not run your device. Hence you need to give/allow at least storage permission if the game is not run on your device, You will need to grant/enable other Permissions its depends on the game. Every game needs different permissions. Go back to your device home screen, search the game, and open it now Play and enjoy.
Second Type games APK and OBB
You must need to downloads two files APK and OBB zip file. Read the first four-step and install the game APK don't open the game, Open file explorer you can use any file explorer like RAR File Explorer, ES File Explorer, ES File Explorer Pro, etc. After open file explorer just swipe right to left open the SD card like this images see the examples 👇

After your download complete the OBB zip file, in the file explorer SD card search where is the zip file, or you can open the download folder you will see the zip file like this images 👇

Just mark on the zip file and tap on the More icon or three dots then select Extract to - see the images 👇

After select extract to, you will see a box and Extract selected files to option, then you need to tap on the select choose path option, next you need to tap on the SD card box you can see Android folder just tap on the folder then you can see the OBB folder just tap on the folder, after open the OBB folder you need to press ok and wait, after extract complete. . . See the images

Go back to your device home screen, search the game, and open it now Play and enjoy. If you have more questions or any feelings about this, Please Comment in the comment section. I will try to reply to you. Thank you for your support.


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